It’s been quite a while since my last entry, so I decided to write a new one (just after having purchased Ableton Max for Live – really excited about what this application will do for Live users – and I am also waiting for some serious Akai APC40 tweaking to go along with it).

Anyway, the status at the moment in the camp of Pjusk is simply that Andreas “Lupo” Nordenstam is currently mastering and mixing the album which will be named “Sval”.  For those not that fluent in Norwegian (probably 99% of you),  Google translate suggests “cool” (temperature).  Feedback so far from Andreas is really promising and if everything goes as planned, the album should be out on 12k spring 2010.  With the next Pjusk album on its way,  I have already started working together with Bjarte on the next Circular album.  Promise to be back soon. Cheers, Josten!