It’s time for something else again. This time I have to share an epiphany I had the other day. It all happened when I finally decided to buy myself a new lense for my Canon EOS-camera. I had been using the standard kit lense for too long and in a shopping frenzy I purchased a Sigma 17-70mm (f2,8 – 4,5) with macro. Oh heavenly bliss! At the same time I decided to use the RAW format as well – and while I was at it – grade my pictures using Adobe Lightroom 2 (beta). And .. to be blunt and direct. Wow! What a smashing, earth-shattering combo! I completely fell in love with Lightroom and suddenly realized what a complete fool I had been not using the RAW-format before. I mean, you can colour correct to your heart’s content – adding extreme adjustments, almost re-exposing the photo – altering temperature, painting, brushing .. And even using my two monitors in a practical non-flashy way. Here’s to you, Adobe! I love it!

And .. here’s an example of some stuff I did with this combo! Macro is king!

RAW Plastic