In my continuous endeavours to create a sound which stands out and has a certain zest, I have come to rely on my trusty UAD-1 card to come up with the YoYoMa-factor. If you’re wondering what that means, please do a search for YoYoMa and you’ll probably understand even less. 🙂 So much for factors. Anyway, I have three favourite VST-instruments I use on a regular basis (GForce ImpOSCar, Native Instruements FM8 and GForce MiniMonsta). All of them are trying to emulate vintage synthesizers (they all do a bit more than purely emulating – I am particularly interested in checking out the arpeggiator possibilites of FM8 at the moment, combined with its XY-morphing pad). They all sound great, but still I want more warmth and cuddlyness and in this department UAD-1 shines.

I am using the Roland Classic Series FX Bundle. Dimension D is extremely useful at its default setting adding stereo wideness and clarity along with the BOSS CE-1 which I recently purchased because of its, IMHO, even lusher chorus effects. Designating the Roland Space Echo RE-201 to an AUX-channel and using it as a pure reverb unit (just ignoring the delay settings), things start sounding quite retro (to be honest I am not that occupied with my mix sounding analong or retro, I just want it to have a certain “something” – that touch of uniqueness.) I am also using the Plate140 reverb a lot. As you guessed, it is replicating the sonic signature of the plate reverb EMT 140. I highly recommend it. The combination of these plugs is a true blessing (the promised WIP-example of my monotony-experiment is using these effects)

My latest addition to the plug-juice party, was a second-hand TC Powercore with the VSS3-reverb adapted from the high-end System6000 platform. This reverb is a delight to work with,and I am using it all over the place on our Circular material, nevertheless it has this “expensive” feel to it. Stand by and I’ll be back with a new blog about this topic later. UAD-1 “vintage” versus TC Powecore “high-end and expensive”. 🙂